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Two decorative painting designers who met through the internet and got excited over the idea of bringing designers and painters together through an online magazine.  

Susan previously was the editor of “Paint the Town” Ezine for 3 years, and also runs her personal successful website and club, Puddles of Paint.  

Sharon was a partner in the publishing company Sharon & Gayle Publications which published decorative painting books from 1993-2004, and is now owner of DecorativePaintingStore.com.  

We both have a passion for internet endeavors, and are the computer geeks of the painting world!  With the demise of the last niche print magazine devoted to decorative painting, we discussed bringing a new ezine to decorative painters which combined our love of painting and technology, our excitement grew, and quickly a new ezine was born.

Painting Ezine is also the many talented designers who devote time to creating fun new projects to inspire painters around the world.

Each month we’ll bring you a selection of painting projects with complete instructions and full size drawings. You can view the eZine on line in a cool flipbook format, or download the pdf format to your computer or tablet.  We will release a new issue during the first few days of each month.

We feature projects created by a variety of designers in a variety styles which focus primarily on painting.  We may throw in a bit of mixed media, but plan to keep “painting” our main focus.

We have a purchase plan to fit any budget… from a single issue for as little as $3, or subscribe for 12 months, or even 2 years.

You can pay via Paypal with or without a Paypal account… if you don’t have a Paypal account, just choose the option to pay by credit or debit card.



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